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How To Survive Digital Disruption
How To Survive Digital Disruption

A specter is haunting the economy – the specter of disruption. It is approximately as real as the specter of communism that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels described in their ‘Manifesto of the Communist Party’. It has killed millions of people in just a few decades. Continue reading

A burger-grilling robot

A burger-grilling robot

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), more and more machines are learning to do things that have, until now, been the domain of humans […].

Hospitals strengthen their IT immune systems

Hacker attacks on hospitals – some of which disrupting the entire running of the hospital for days on end – have demonstrated that IT […]

An autonomous vehicle is coming your way from Wolfsburg

Lower Saxony, whose economy is closely linked with the automotive industry, continues to be a driving force in innovation and now wants to […]

Freelancers will play a major role in the digital work of the future

The traditional office PC will soon be a thing of the past – at least according to 69% of 303 IT executives, CIOs, and IT department […]

AI helps make manufacturing safer

Nobody is perfect – but together humans and machines can minimize the number of errors during manufacturing work. A mobile AI system, […]