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Standards are a factor for success in many industries. Now, a standard for quality assurance in additive manufacturing has been published for the very first time: DIN SPEC 17071 is an initiative by a number of renowned organizations.

In an article published in ‘Nature Communications’, researchers at Ilmenau University of Technology describe their method of manufacturing revolutionary printed circuit boards that can be deformed into any desired shape.

The sensor system, based on the human sense of touch, is the first of its kind in the world and makes robots’ grip more sensitive, thereby protecting workpieces from damage during production.

For the first time ever, fiber composites and steel can be joined together without the need for adhesives or bolts. The new FAUSST hybrid joining technology has been developed by researchers in Germany and is primarily destined for use in shipbuilding.

The 3D printing of complex, freestanding objects in the nanometer range poses major challenges for additive manufacturing technologies. Researchers at Graz University of Technology have been working on a new solution for industry.