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Magazino produces intelligent racking and picking robots. The Munich startup has now secured additional support.

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A major contract gives Canadian fuel cell manufacturer Ballard a boost. Siemens also stands to reap the benefits – given the two partners have big plans.

ARMAR-6, the most advanced humanoid robot to date, which the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has been working on since 2000, has just landed a job as a service technician in a UK online shop as part of the EU's "SecondHands" project.

While large companies have already discovered the potential of digitized supply chains, medium-sized companies risk losing touch. At the same time, the SCM platforms are growing.

A trendy interior might look nice, but it can do a company more harm than good if it fails to meet the requirements of the employees and core business.

A large number of robotics and AI scenarios would not be possible if it were not for image capture and processing technologies, says the German photo industry association (PIV).

Many adverts already give you the feeling that a car is just some sort of cell phone on four wheels. But Vodafone believes that in the future, all vehicles will have their own SIM cards.

Goodyear has showcased its intelligent tire prototype, jam-packed with state-of-the-art technology, with sensors and AI designed, among other functions, to communicate preventative maintenance data to fleet operators.

In the "IoT Crawler" EU research project, specialists are working on an IoT search engine with the aim of facilitating cross-platform and system-independent interaction.