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Making system data available is an important step, but this has been taken a stage further in Stuttgart: automated responses and actions for defined sensor values.

The West-African country safeguarded the results of its presidential elections via blockchain. Several other countries are working on similar systems to make their elections easier and more secure.

The networking of Industry 4.0 brings the engineering disciplines closer together. Electronics and pneumatics have already found a common level of control, while hydraulics has evolved into intelligent fluid technology.

Starting in the winter semester of 2018/19, TU Kaiserslautern will offer an extra-occupational "Digital Management" course online focused on digital transformation and its effects on the workplace.

Who, what, when, where, and how? Data on location, status, and movement form the basis for the Industrial IoT. With a sensor solution from Kinexon, they can be recorded and analyzed in real time.

Few would dispute that Christopher Obereder is one of those "high-achieving digital native" types. Having built up Facebook pages with millions of followers and created a portfolio of popular apps in his teenage years, he moved to Silicon Valley in his early 20s.

In the digital transformation of the industrial sector, the APAC region is leading internationally, according to a PwC study: 19% of the companies surveyed are digital champions there. The region is also leading in the implementation of AI.

The new, relaunched CEBIT (11 to 15 June) will feature more showcases and events for small and mid-sized companies (SMEs) than ever before – and for good reason: Around 60% of the visitors at Europe’s number one business festival for innovation and digitization will be from companies that fall in this category.

The German industry is at risk of slipping behind internationally in the field of artificial intelligence – even though this field could add 60 billion euros to added value.

In the run-up to CeBIT 2018, Dropbox and CRM specialist Salesforce have announced a strategic partnership that is due to start in the second half of the year. The fair offers an ideal opportunity to find out more, with Salesforce bringing its World Tour to Hannover.