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Digitization must not lead to employers shirking their responsibilities, says the DGB. The trade unions are calling for better employee protection from the government.

Tomes GmbH develops software solutions to optimize routine healthcare processes and make them more efficient. The company is unveiling its IDANA - intelligent digital anamnesis - software platform at CEBIT 2018.

In Dresden, leading carbon fiber researchers have founded the Global Scientific Association of Advanced Carbon Fibre. The world association intends to bring together the complex research into carbon fiber from sustainable raw materials.

ZMI Time Version 6.3 - the new version of the time and attendance solution exhibited by ZMI at CEBIT 2018 - includes a new automated module for checking employees' driver's licenses.

CDU, CSU and SPD have set up a Robotics Commission that is to investigate the opportunities and risks of AI. It is also focusing on the creation of new industrial jobs.

Hyperspectral cameras can be used to scan food products for freshness, reveal hidden repairs to chassis parts and test the authenticity of medicines and luxury goods. The HawkSpex Mobile from Fraunhofer IFF is the first version of this technology to work on a regular smartphone.

Low-power wide area networks like Sigfox are attractive for industry because the technology is cost-efficient. In cooperation with PNI Sensor, the French telecommunications company is now launching a smart parking solution on the US market.

The potential use of delivery drones has long been fiercely debated. The groundbreaking new drone developed by EmQopter, probably one of the most advanced of its kind, is making a beeline to Hannover on a mission to impress the logistics professionals scouting for breakthroughs at CEBIT.

Two British companies develop a drone capable of flying for one year, thanks to lightweight solar panels. The first test flights are scheduled for 2019.

The intelligent tools that implexis GmbH is bringing to CEBIT 2018 are designed to help traders optimize online shops, offer a seamless customer journey and perform analyses in real time. Pride of place on its "Smart IT Truck" goes to the new xReach smart retail platform that it is premiering at the event.