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Italpresse Gauss relies on augmented and virtual reality when maintaining its machines. Its portfolio is thus also shifting towards the service business.

The dream of many women: finding out what their fellow women are wearing, without directly asking. Image recognition and mobile apps make it possible.

Computers and robots can make work easier, but also create new problems. A study by the Hans Böckler Foundation shows that there is plenty of room for improvement when it comes to reconciling work and family life.

If you want to remain competitive, you have to invest in the training and further education of your employees. Because the Working World 4.0 above all demands technical knowledge, more social skills and also creativity.

The Munich-based company has unveiled the new Velaro Novo: lighter, faster, more spacious and even more economical in terms of energy consumption. The first trains are scheduled for 2023.

The Canadian startup Motorleaf, in which Osram has invested, is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to develop solutions for predicting harvest quantities in greenhouses and indoor farming.

Connyun connects its own Industry 4.0 solution I4_Station Optimizer with Amazon Web Services and plans to integrate voice assistant Alexa into industrial applications.

Germany vs. Brazil - the Deloitte Analytics Institute's World Cup oracle bets on these two matching up in the finals. Unlike its deceased predecessor, the octopus Paul, however, this oracle relies on data.

The requirements of Industry 4.0 are also being taken into account in dual vocational training: the German Ministry of Economic Affairs plans to enforce the new requirements in eleven industrial metal and electrical professions as of August 2018.

The startup SMINNO is dedicated to developing solutions for everyday mobility that are not just innovative and unconventional but sustainable, too. All eyes were on its AI-supported cockpit system for bicycles at CEBIT 2018.