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In October 2018, German industry registered a shortage of 337,900 workers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The skills shortage in these fields has doubled in the last three years.

There are plans to test the use of a digital twin on an offshore wind turbine off the Scottish coast. In doing so, the operators hope to significantly reduce inspections and cut costs.

The German automotive and machine construction supplier plans to expand its range of solution packages for Industry 4.0. The company hopes this will result in a significant increase in sales.

As an Industry 4.0 pioneer, the machine manufacturing industry is under great pressure to innovate. New predictive analytics procedures are now expected to automatically check the quality of tools and components.

The British aircraft engine manufacturer from London plans to set up a center for artificial intelligence in Dahlewitz near Berlin. Above all, methods for analyzing very large amounts of data are to be developed there.