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The German firm Baumüller is building a hybrid engine for a ferry that is to sail between two islands in the south of Denmark. The Scandinavian shipping market with its many ferry connections is the largest in Europe and is currently setting a trend for ecological solutions.

Eight out of ten companies in Germany want to invest more money in Industry 4.0 technologies in 2019 than they did in 2018. Most of them expect that this expenditure will pay off very quickly.

2019 could prove a difficult year for German mechanical engineers. According to an analysis by consulting firm PwC, growth expectations for mechanical engineering companies have plummeted sharply. The biggest obstacle here remains the lack of personnel.

The creation of a digital twin enables all processes to be designed as efficiently as possible before the construction and setup of a warehouse. The Schiettinger Group, based in Brand/Oberpfalz in Bavaria, has successfully implemented the simulation.

With Elastic Resin, the US manufacturer Formlabs has presented its softest artificial resin for additive manufacturing to date. It is said to be extremely robust and also cost-effective to use.