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The technology sector is engaging ever more closely with other areas of industry. This is revealed by a report from Deloitte, which has also identified some megatrends: IoT and 5G, analytics and artificial intelligence, together with as-a-service business models.

According to its creators, the new industrial wireless standard makes wireless networking and control of industrial systems secure and reliable. Partners are currently being sought for its further development.

Over the last ten years, startups that focus on artificial intelligence (AI) have received EUR 1.2 billion of investment here – a small sum in comparison to other countries.

The district of Günzburg in the Bavarian part of Swabia is planning a digital startup center. It is set to open in spring 2020 to provide support to startups in a rural setting.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology is looking for new methods to extend the 3D printing of metals to other alloys and materials. The researchers are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to do so.