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ITM Power specializes in the production of electrolyzers for the electrochemical splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen. The two companies have entered into a joint venture to jointly use and further develop the technology.

Heat pumps are considered the heating technology of the future. However, heat pumps still primarily use refrigerants that are harmful to the environment. Now researchers have developed a climate-friendly alternative.

The Thuringian Centre for Learning Systems and Robotics (TZLR) is currently under construction in Ilmenau. The German federal state of Thuringia and the state’s universities and local research institutions hope this will strengthen Thuringia’s competitiveness in the development of artificial intelligence (AI).

The expansion of onshore wind turbines in Germany in 2019 will be at its lowest rate for 20 years. Only 507 MW of new capacity was commissioned in the first three quarters of the year, reports the German Onshore Wind Energy Agency.

For German companies, smart factory concepts are often merely a means to cut costs, with integrated strategies significantly optimizing the efficiency of processes.