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A specter is haunting the economy …

… the specter of disruption. It is approximately as real as the specter of communism that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels described in their ‘Manifesto of the Communist Party’. It has killed millions of people in just a few decades. Continue reading

Online customers prefer to buy on account

Although numerous online payment options are available to German online customers, most of them still prefer invoices and direct debiting.

MacKinsey sees AI spurring economic growth in Germany

The corporate and strategy consultants of the U.S. company McKinsey have concluded in an analysis that by 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) […]

Netflix holds back in terms of virtual reality

The virtual reality (VR) trend is not a priority for the video streaming platform Netflix: It is planning to support VR and AR devices, but […]

Microsoft helps the Internet of Things along

With the new service IoT Central, software developer Microsoft wants to pave the way to the Internet of Things (IoT) for their business […]

There's no way around paper (yet)

Although the paperless office has been predicted for decades, it is still far from becoming a reality. Companies are nevertheless gradually […]