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British Airways is exploring new areas of application for additive manufacturing processes in aircraft construction. The weight savings anticipated as a result should improve the CO2 footprint of air traffic.

Digitization of the German steel manufacturer Thyssenkrupp allows customers direct access to production: they can place orders on the rolling mill by smartphone themselves.

A research project in Braunschweig is currently investigating how defects in lightweight components can be identified better. Ultrasound sensors are being integrated into the material to this end. Areas that could benefit from this include aircraft construction.

Papier-und Kartonfabrik Varel in Friesland is using excess wind-generated electricity to make steam for its paper production. It is working with the north German energy supplier EWE to do so.

Shipping company Havila plans to deploy new ships on its traditional mailboat route in Norway – equipped with emission-free fuel cell propulsion systems.