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A specter is haunting the economy – the specter of disruption. It is approximately as real as the specter of communism that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels described in their ‘Manifesto of the Communist Party’. It has killed millions of people in just a few decades. Continue reading

Increasing pressure on logistics companies to modernize

Increasing pressure on logistics companies to modernize

Small consignments, infrequent downtimes, and automated transfer points wherever possible: Traditional logistics companies are being hit […]

NarrowBand IoT connects up beehive and beekeeper

Many applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) send just a few data packages, but over a long period of time and, by and large, […]

FBI collecting and storing photos of US citizens

The FBI already holds profiles of around half of all US citizens in a database, despite face recognition being neither well justified nor […]

Dominos deploys a pizza delivery robot

They’re already zooming along the sidewalks in the US: small autonomous delivery robots that deliver warm meals straight to your door. And […]

Rise in popularity of camera drones as toys

The new German drone ordinance of March 30, 2017 imposes strict restrictions on the use of "unmanned aircraft" carrying cameras, yet such […]