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The two companies want to build an infrastructure for the Chinese Internet of Things. Siemens MindSphere and Simatic MindApps will be running in the Alibaba cloud in the future as well.

The 2017 agreement between Daimler and Bosch for fully automated and driverless driving is taking shape. Nvidia was chosen as the supplier for the AI platform. The first cars will roll of the line by 2019 in California.

The vibration data of a machine allow surprisingly accurate conclusions about its level of wear. Intelligent algorithms will recognize critical patterns as a next step.

The industrial sector is increasingly discovering terahertz technology for its own purposes, such as material testing and analysis. Now physicists have succeeded in easily shaping beams as needed and making the technology more precise.

The new ARIS-based solution is a tool for comprehensive digital depictions of industrial processes, systems and assets.