Big opportunities for graduates in SME

In an interesting interview given to the UniMagazin, which also has an on-line edition, Mario Ohoven, chairman of the Federal association of small and medium-sized companies (BVMW) estimates how many graduates may in future decide to work with small and medium-sized entities (SME).

In the interview with the Uni Magazin Mr. Ohoven said that over the last eight years the number of graduates working with SME had increased by ten percent. The number of executives had multiplied by five reaching half a million graduates. According to his personal observation it is true that the graduate percentage working in very small companies with less than 50 employees is only seven percent, but this share reaches more than ten percent in companies with 50 to 500 employees.

The chairman of the BVMW forecasts that this share is going to rise over the next years. The opportunities for graduates to find an interesting job would markedly increase. Companies are looking for a young generation of executives. In many cases progress is possible after a relatively short period of time, given that an employee┬┤s potential is recognized much more rapidly in smaller companies than in major enterprises. Although in SME there is only a limited number of executive posts being available, the number of companies to choose from is much higher, so that eventually the opportunities are substantially better in SME than in major enterprises. The complete interview is available here. GERMAN