Correct negotiating strategy decisive in the granting of loans

In an online article on the subject of the negotiating of loans with banks some tips wich are literally worth money are given by Mr. Ernst August Bach, lawyer and book writer (we had already referred to his book). Even though bank clients are not entitled to being granted a loan by their bank, which is a fact being stressed more than once by the author in his article, already the way the request for the loan is made determines the kind of legal status the client will have later on in case of problems with the granted loan. The decisive point, according to Bach, is the necessity to ensure by means of the wording of the credit agreement that it is to establish a consultative agreement which obliges the bank to provide unbiased and comprehensive counselling. Otherwise, what the client will get is sales talk which enables the bank to promote nothing but their own products.

In addition the article offers a very useful list of questions in order to find out the reasons for a possible loan refusal, e.g. in the case the bank refuses the loan out of consideration for another more lucrative client who competes for the loan too. The original article is available on the Bussines Village portal. GERMAN