New initiative facilitates work safety in SME

For small companies it is often difficult to meet important requirements of industrial safety regulations at an acceptable expense. Quite often there just is not enough money, although, using the respective know-how, many costs could be avoided altogether and additional opportunities be seized. Opportunities because safety may also stand for a competitive edge.

For that reason the initiative of new work quality (INQUA) has started a project called Initiativkreis KMU, which is to provide useful answers to small and medium-sized entities (SME) on questions such as: How can SME install a work safety management system without spending too much time and money? How can motivation and work climate be optimized and how to prepare for the demographic change? According to the initiative, the know-how already available in the fields of safety, health and competitiveness at work is to be brought together. The initiative wants to adapt this know-how to the needs of SME and make it available to them. Furthermore, a platform for discussion is to be established, on which new solutions will be presented. In addition, the initiative plans to provide services which are suitable to SME.
On the occasion of a meeting of members of the iniative on June 12th a paper will be presented, which is to list criteria for a sound small or medium-sized company.
Further information is available on the Internet. GERMAN