Without an international corporate identity there is no success on international markets

Export and other types of international business are of interest to many small and medium-sized entities (SME). Quite often, however, there are many unexpected obstacles to the implementation of a strategic decision. Frequently the local staff is opposed to the decision „from above” due to concerns regarding their own future and external influence. In some cases the ignorance of the particularities of international business is enough to endanger the success of the commitment as a whole.

For this reason the Institute for social science and research in Munich has brought into living a research project called “Ways of developing an internationalized corporate identity”. The project is promoted by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and, in co-operation with SME as well as consultancies, aims at the development of generalized solutions in the fields of human resource management and work organization for companies with an international corporate identity. Only when a company’s commitment abroad is backed by an appropriate corporate identity, will the company be able to profit from the opportunities provided on foreign markets.
Information on the progress and the results of the project are available on the project homepage. GERMAN