Award ceremony of initiative to promote SMEs took place in Karlsruhe

IT solutions and services with a total value of almost 2.3 million Euros were made available this year by sponsors of the Förderinitiative Mittelstandsprogramm initiative which represents a sum unprecedented in the initiative´s history (we already reported on this). Each of the 210 main prizes is worth on average 8.500 Euros.

The initiative for small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) has been meeting with strong interest on the part of SMEs and sponsors given that those companies which are deemed to be worthy of being awarded by the initiative´s innovation councils will receive the awards completely for free thereby strengthening their position in the market. Sponsors, on the other hand, have the chance to establish new business relationships with interesting companies.»SMEs keep being the driving force of growth in Germany«, says Mr Martin Hubschneider, who started the initiative and is chairmann of the executive board of the CAS Software AG, who is one of the main sponsors of the initiative.

On the 21st of June Mr Hubschneider together with sponsors and innovation councils presented the main prizes during the award ceremony at the Karlruhe palace. All prize winners are listed on the website of the initiative which is scheduled to take place again in 2007. GERMAN