Black list of limited companies also published in Germany

Biweekly the English commercial register in London publishes a black list of companies which were deleted or are to be stroken off the commercial register within three months due to violations of English laws. One quarter of these companies are German limiteds (Ltd.).

In cooperation with the English authorities these lists are also published in Germany by Firmenwelten, which is an expert in the field of setting up a business in England. According to Mrs. Ilka Ennen, who is a partner and managing director of the Firmenwelten company, all partners and managing directors of the blacklisted companies are being prosecuted. Furthermore, fines of up to 5.000 pound (more than 7.300 Euros) are the rule. But what is even worse is the fact that companies deleted from the England commercial register also lose there exclusion of liability in Germany. According to the British authorities the “limited chaos” was also a consequence of the setting up of limited companies in Germany by low-cost suppliers.

Ilka Ennen gives special emphasis to the importance of the publication of the blacklisted companies: “Above all it is important to inform the owners of the German limiteds who often have not the slightest idea that their limited is not properly managed by the foundation agency¬ę. She also admits that Firmenwelten pursue their own particular interest by providing special services in order to help the German companies affected by such a blacklisting. GERMAN