Insolvencies can be avoided by punctual intervention

An insolvency is one of the worst things which can happen to entrepreneurs. However, insolvencies are »an inseparable part of market happenings«, claims Dr. Jürgen Kaack who is an economic adviser. He is also a graduate physicist, managing director of the STZ-Consulting Group and author of our recent M’Blogdocument »case study of an insolvency«.

It is true that his case study cannot be generalized. However, the analyses and lessons from the case study are vitally important to any small and medium-sized entity, irrespective of whether it is on the brink of a company crisis or whether it wants to get to know possible signs of such a crisis as a precaution.

The case study deals in particular with the signs of such a crisis, its development and possibilities for intervention which are constantly presenting themselves. But the case study also describes why these chances for intervention were missed. It also deals with the problems which arise with staff, clients, suppliers and the emotional situation during such a financial crisis. But what is most important: it is not a theorizing example from a business management lesson, but a real case taken from amidst the experiences of a small company.

This »M’Blogdocument 0604 – case study of an insolvency« is available free of charge to our visitors for download in PDF format (approx. 0,4 MB). GERMAN