IT salaries rising

For the first time in many years IT salaries are rising again, as was reported by the salary consultancy. According to the consultants, it is in particular data base administrators who are profiting from this development. One reason for this is the fact that retailers, craft businesses, groups of companies and banks make increased use of data bases in order to store data relating to their clients, products or stock. Data base administrators mostly work with standard applications which are adapted to the individual needs of the company in question or its departments.

However, salaries vary strongly according to branch of industry and field of activity. The strongest annual salary rise from 39.000 to 42.300 Euros was recorded in the service sector. Salaries also increased in the trade and IT technology sector. In the trade business salaries rose from 35.900 to 37.200 Euros annually and from 40.000 to 42.800 Euros in IT technology. Not only do IT experts benefit from the upward trend, but also executives. Thus, gross annual salaries of managing directors in system houses reached a top level of 120.000 Euros (95.000 Euros in 2005). Only the industry salaries remained virtually unchanged. GERMAN