dubious ad emails going round

The Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI) today issued a warning against undesired emails currently going round with the sender being “Germany Online Consult” or “Consult-Online-AG”. The purpose of these emails is the spying out of account details and signatures in order to obtain illegal debit entries.

According to the BSI the alleged senders of the emails promise to transfer money up to one hundred Euros, if they are sent per fax or email a signed blank containing name, address and account details of the recipient. The money transfer is said to be made irrespective of whether the recipient wishes or not to be sent email ads in future. Furthermore the emails say that an elapsed period of five days without an answer is considered as acceptance to be sent further emails ads.

The BSI urges not to answer in any case to such an undesired email – neither by email nor by fax. The spam senders intend to get hold of account details and signatures in order to have unauthorized debit entries made. Entrepreneurs and executives are called upon to also inform and warn all their employees and family members who know about confidential account details. GERMAN