DIHK publishes stands on EU topics

Ranging from the Postal Guideline to the European Constitution, from the quality of air to antimonopoly laws: in their brochure “Political topics in Europe 2006” the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) have recently compiled their stands on 26 political subject matters of European relevance. The respective writers of the brochure give their judgment on how things are, should be and which measures have to be taken.

Questions dealt with relate to the following topics:

  • Communication, social policy
  • Economic policy, small and medium-sized entities, innovation
  • Services, infrastructure, regional policy
  • Europe, natural environment, sources of energy
  • International matters, Chambers of Commerce and Industry for foreign trade
  • Vocational training, educational policy
  • Finance, taxes
  • Legislation
  • Special attention is paid to the DIHK´s focal topics which are “Learning space Europe: Educational matters under German EU council presidency”, “More efficient legislation/cutback on bureaucracy” as well as “Prospects of a common European energy policy”. The brochure is available for free-of-charge-download online. GERMAN