Mittelstandsblog presents Second After-WorkPodcast

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Do you feel like finishing work or having a break? Well close your email programme, put your feet on the desk, relax and take 20 minutes off.

Martin Lindert from Lindis Bluescast, an enthusiastic rock and blues connoisseur from Wuppertal, this time presents you instrumental music by valleyforge in the Second Mittelstandsblog After-WorkPodcast edition. The sound of valleyforge, a creation of the Aachen-based composer Thomas Bechholds, kind of combines elements of “Yes, Jean Michel Jarre and Pink Floyd” revels Mr. Lindert who is fondly called “das Lindi” by his fans. Here the stars of today´s edition:

Opener” from the “Live and Session Tapes” CD. Afterwards we are presented “The Entrance“. Then we are going to listen to “NYC IN A Nutshell” from the “Parking Lot At San Diego International Airport” CD. From the same CD and rounding off today´s edition is “Requiem ´74” on which , by the way, the soundtrack to “Route 66 – an American nightmare“, which is said to be the “first open-source movie ever” (according to Spiegel online) was based.

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P.S. One more session, the First After-WorkPodcast you can hear here.