Training for equal-treatment managers

The new general equal-treatment law (AGG) brings about quite a lot of substantial changes for all companies and administrative bodies. Depending on company size and number of plants all companies have to designate one or more officers in charge of complaints. In order to be prepared for these tasks a profound knowledge of the regulations of the new law as well as of other legal standards is necessary.

Employees may turn to these complaint officers, if they feel discriminated against by their employer, by superiors, colleagues or a third party in any of the areas mentioned in the new law. Then the content of the complaint must be correctly examined, carefully documented and duly processed in accordance with constitutional principles.

In order to acquire the necessary knowledge on the new law and to be well prepared for the work of a complaint officer, actunis – perspektiven im management offer further training for “equal-treatment managers” which is unique in Germany and costs 1490 Euros according to actunis.

Having passed their final exams successfully participants of the course will be able to easily solve all the major problems raised by the introduction of the new law relating to labour and civil law issues. At the same time they will be qualified enough to act as the company´s “chief of staff” in issues relating to the AGG law and to solve conflicts in this area.