Good experiences made with “Certified Entrepreneur”

According to statements by the German institute for small and medium-sized entities (DIKMU) and the Oskar-Patzelt foundation the demand for the “CE – Certified Entrepreneur” certificate is continuously increasing. A current success example is said to be Mr. Dieter Bläsing, who is an entrepreneur running a photographic business to whom the new certificate provides the opportunity to stand out against his competitors objectively verifying his competence.
Actually the “CE – Certified Entrepreneur” certificate which is a joint development by the Oskar-Patzelt foundation and the German institute for small and medium-sized entities (DIKMU) represents a combination of certification, counselling and further training. In the course of the certification process the DIKMU experts precisely check the executive competence of the entrepreneurs audited and their capability of positioning themselves in a strategically wise manner on their respective markets. During the audit special attention is given to the marketing concept as well as innovation and knowledge management of the company being certified since these factors are fundamental for a sustained and successful company management. Furthermore the financial planning and the controlling processes in place are analyzed and assessed in detail.
In the case of Mr. Dieter Bläsing´s photographical company, particularly convincing to auditors were the strategic orientation, marketing as well as the innovation managment of Mr. Bläsing´s company. Minor weaknesses discovered in the fields of financing and controlling were remedied in the course of an iWorkshop and through counselling. “Prior to the audit I had not been aware at all of those minor weaknesses in my financial planning and controlling. The major importance of knowledge management with regard to a later handing over of the company to a successor or in view of rating according to Basel-II were made clear to me during the workshop so that now I am able to act correspondingly and successfully in my daily business”, is the happy statement made by the entrepreneur from Berlin. Those interested in this certificate may obtain a flyer with further information from the Oskar-Patzelt foundation´s website. GERMAN