European ICT Prize 2007 competition started

The European Information and Communication Technologies Prize competition for 2007 is under way. The prize is endowed with a total amount of 700.000 € and organized by Euro-CASE and sponsored by the European Commission. Eligible of being awarded the prize are products and services drawing on information and communications technology while at the same time presenting a big market potential.
It is worthwile participating given that the EICT Grand Prize which will be awarded to three winners is endowed with 200.000 Euro each. Another twenty companies will be awarded the EICT Prize endowed with 5000 Euro each. Euro-CASE will receive applications from 33 countries. These will be examined and assessed by the “European ICT Prize Evaluation Group”. Every year 50-70 companies are nominated for the European ICT Prize nominiert from which 20 are then selected for the European ICT Grand Prize.
Applications should be submitted no later than December 4th 2006. The award ceremony will take place in Brussels in spring 2007. Additional information is available on the internet and in a flyer. GERMAN