Insecure jobs are most worrying to employees

The “Was ist gute Arbeit?” study by the INQA initiative reveals that being afraid of losing one´s job weighs most heavily on the quality of work at the office, whereas emotional factors such as an office love not returned have less serious effects on employees.

Office workers who are given a comprehensive sphere of influence and development opportunities, who are supported by their boss and a nice team are much more satisfied with their work: for them their work is fun and they are even enthusiastic about it, feel attached to their company and can imagine of staying there until their retirement. Satisfying work is motivating. The study in question had been initiated by the INQA and was carried out by the INIFES institute in co-operation with the Internationaler Arbeitsmark research team and TNS Infratest.

By the way: “The art of teamwork” described by Manuela Franzò in our MittelstandBlogDocument 0610, which is available for free-of-charge download, provides valuable advice on the subject matter of interpersonal office communication. GERMAN