Spam test available free of charge

In particular small companies quite often do not have the time and the resources in order to continuously follow the complex and constantly changing requirements of internet-based services. One such area is the fight against spam mails. It is very important to small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) that their in- and outgoing emails be received and that their email-marketing work properly. But there is a danger: overnight and without even being aware of it their own mail server or that of their provider may have been declared a spam server which means that outgoing emails do not get through to clients and business partners since they are caught in spam filters.

Weeks may pass until the absence of answers from clients or partners signals that their must be something wrong. Some deals and some turnover may have been lost in the meantime. And even then it may still take some time to discover the real cause of these mishaps.

For a short period of time the emarsys eMarketing Systems AG offers a 15-day free-of-charge test in order for you to check whether your mail server, email software and the way your mails are sent are perceived as spamming sources by current spam filters or whether you may be on any black list. Here you can register for the test. GERMAN