Information site on EU research policies online

A new and to high-tech entrepreneurs very interesting information tool has gone online recently: Erawatch. This information platform provided by the EU Commission provides up-to-date information and analyses on the development of research systems and research policies of all EU member states as well as information on the latest documents relating to research policies, research programmes, sponsoring facilities, research results and other important indicators such as expenditure, publications and patents.

Erawatch is a tool which for the first time in an one-stop manner provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on the field of research of any EU member state and of those countries which are associated with the European research system as well as of the USA, China and Japan. The different pieces of information are collected by a network of national contact organisations and kept up to date. Furthermore the new website is a user-controlled system which means that these may determine the way information be presented and downloaded. GERMAN