Only one third of German enterprises offer further training

A study by StepStone warns that there is not enough further training provided by companies in Germany. Thus, just 33% of all companies pay attention to providing regular further training to their employees. 67% of companies asked offer further training rather rarely or even not at all. However, in other European countries including the Baltic States the situation is even worse, as was also demonstrated by the study.

„Of course further training always entails costs for companies. Nevertheless further training in addition to the professional activities of employees is of high importance, given that employees´ performance finally determines the quality of a company´s products. Therefore we are surprised that two thirds of German companies do not make use of such opportunities thereby giving away quite a big economic potential», said Wolfgang Bruhn, head of StepStone Deutschland AG.

At an international level the willingness to further train employees is even less evident. Just 27% of those firms questioned said that there is further training being provided regularly in their companies. Tail-ender is Italy where 77% of companies provide such training only rarely or not at all. Even for Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands this figure is above 75%.

In total 12.890 visitors from Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and France took part in the survey and answered questions on the StepStone website. GERMAN