Small companies and retail market suffering from Basel II

In the course of an online-survey conducted at the end of December 2006 the German Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) questioned more than 1100 companies about their opinions on the consequences of Basel II. Some of the findings are available now according to which in particular small companies and the retail business are worried about the effects of Basel II.

More than 50% of companies with up to 10 employees consider Basel II to pose a risk. And about 40% of trading firms think that the Basel II regulations have negative effects on borrowing. Strikingly only 12% of companies questioned are worried about higher debit interest, but one in five fear that their borrowing request is rejected altogether due to insufficient collateral.

The majority of 36% do not expect any major changes at all from Basel II. One in five companies even consider Basel II to be an opportunity for improving their business management. However, only 14% expect more advantageous credit conditions offered by their local bank.

»On average the easements provided to small and medium-sized entities by Basel II entail better credit conditions for them«, comments Martin Wansleben, DIHK general manager, on the findings of the survey. »But as long as many companies are denied any bank loan, they have no chance of benefitting from the Basel II easements.« On the other side, it is always more easy for major companies to cope with Basel II.

The first findings of the survey are available for download from the DIHK website. GERMAN