Trends of technology, media and telecommunications explained by Deloitte study

A truly comprehensive analysis of trends in the fields of technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) is provided by the Deloitte accountancy and consultancy firm in its »TMT Trends 2007« study. Here the trends in short: the most important technological aspects are user friendliness and data protection. With regard to the media sector social networks are becoming more and more important. Another major topic is the penetration of the Chinese market. In the field of telecommunications mobile phone service providers push indoor-telephony whereas fixed network operators develop methods in order to fully use the potential of IPTV.

»This year we will see a further development of last year´s network innovations ranging from contact markets to virtual worlds», promises Dr. Andreas Gentner, TMT associate at Deloitte. »The mergence of the three classical sectors is progressing very fast and convergence keeps being the motto of the TMT sector.

The complete study consisting of three free-of-charge brochures («TMT Predictions 2007: Technology», »TMT Predictions 2007: Media« und »TMT Predictions 2007: Telecommuncations») is availabe in English language on the internet. GERMAN