Conference on Europe and SMEs to be held in Würzburg

Small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) are the backbone of the European economy. They account for 90% of all companies in Europe and employ about two thirds of all working people. Nevertheless, European lawmakers quite often do not take into account the legitimate demands and requirements of SMEs. Numerous standards of the labour and business law are specifically tailored to the needs of major enterprises or can be more easily coped with by them than by SMEs, warns Christoph Teichman who is a law professor at the Würzburg University. This problem will also be dealt with in the course of this year´s »Europarechtstage« conference organized by the Würzburg University.

The conference is staged by the law faculty of the Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg. This year´s motto of the conference is »Europe and SMEs«. On the 15h and 16th of June in the Neubaukirche, renowned speakers will give talks on the European labour, accounting, company and anti-trust law from the perspective of small and medium-sized entities. It is planned that there will be sufficient time for answering questions and discussion.

Participation in the event is for free and is open to academics and students of all faculties as well as to people such as legal advisers and in-house counsels. For organisational reasons the organisers of the event ask for registration. A registration form and more information on the conference are available on the website of the law faculty. GERMAN