More investment thanks to high capacity utilization

It is not only export-oriented companies which invest in expanding their capacity but also those concentrating on the domestic market. Thanks to this Germany is well prepared for sustainable and long-term economic growth. This is the finding of the Spring 2007 survey conducted by the SME panel of the Association for the German Industry (BDI).

About 75% of those industrial enterprises questioned said that they have invested more than one year ago. Many companies were taken by surprise by the positive economic development particularly in Germany. Many of them have already reached their capacity limits. Therefore 35% of those companies surveyed said that they want to increase their investment in new machinery and equipment also in 2007. Another 47% plan to keep investment at least at the same level as in the boom year 2006.

Besides issues relating to current economic policies and key busines figures this time in the survey special attention was also paid to the societal commitment of industrial small and medium-sized entities. The finding was that the majority of small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) have already incorporated »Corporate Social Responsibility« (CSR) in their business activities. Companies have realized that CSR is very important for in-house risk and reputation management, e.g. in the development of product and market strategies as well as in procurement and sales.

Almost 1.100 companies took part in the most recent online-survey which had been developed by the Institute for research on SMEs (IfM) in Bonn and TNS Emnid. An Executive Summary as well as a complete report are available free of charge online. GERMAN