Verheugen wants to make life easier for SMEs

Günter Verheugen, vice president of the EU Commission, wants to make life as easy as possible for small and medium-sized entities. In his opening speech last week at the SME-Charter-conference he said: »Small and medium-sized entities are the elixir of our society and ensure prosperity and create jobs.« About 400 guests from the whole of Europe were present at the conference.

Among the examples of easings to SMEs are initiatives which aim at exempting re-invested profits from taxes and setting up e-government services which will enable small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) to submit similar information meant for several public authorities via just one central contact point. The participants of the conference in Berlin among whom there were representatives from more than 30 European and German trade associations discussed how to support SMEs as efficiently as possible.

Additional information on the conference and the European SME-Charter are available online. GERMAN