Increase in wholesale prices in June

According to the Federal Statistical Office, in June 2007 the wholesale selling price index was 1.9% above last year´s level. As compared to May 2007 the index only increased slightly by 0.1 percent in June.

Particularly strong were price increases in corn, seeds, and animal feed (+24.3%) as well as in ores, steel, and nonferrous metals and semi-finished products thereof (+9.0%). On the other hand, wholesale prices for solid fuels and mineral oil products fell by 2.4% as compared to last year. The same applied to office devices and equipment which were less expensive than in June 2006 (– 12.8%).

As compared to May 2007 there were particular wholesale price increases for dairy products, eggs, cooking oil and and nutritional fat (+ 2.7%). With regard to ores, iron, steel and nonferrous metals prices increased by 0.8%. Prices also increased for solid fuels and mineral oil products (+ 0.7%). Office devices and equipment, however, were 1.0% cheaper in June than in May 2007. GERMAN