Information day about company succession

More than 60 German chambers of commerce and industry (IHK) will organize an information day on September 20th giving information and advice on the issue of company succession. What happens if the boss of a company meets with an accidence? Who will lead the company, if the boss is ill for a longer period of time? Who takes the helm of the company, if the boss of a family-owned company retires? The issue of dealing with the problem of handing over a company to a successor is one of the major challenges faced by small and medium-sized companies in Germany.

In order for the handover to be successful and for jobs to be save there will be a nationwide information day being organized by chambers of commerce and industry on Thursday, September 20th. The event is addressed to senior entrepreneurs looking for successors and business founders who want to take over an existing business. The event´s agenda includes panel discussions, individual councellings and telephone councellings by legal and financial IHK experts. These will provide valuable advice on issues such as company succession, financing, retirement provisions and the legal aspects of company successions.

More information and a list of all venues are available online. GERMAN