SMEs expect economy to slow down in 2008

According to the majority of small and medium-sized entities (SMEs), the cyclical economic upturn is going to continue in 2008 even though at less pace than in 2007. A survey commissioned by the impulse economic magazine which was recently conducted among 238 companies being a member of the “Die Familienunternehmer-ASU” association revealed that 61% of directors of family-owned businesses expect the economy to grow less next year. Just 1% forecast the economy to develop even better than this year.

On the other hand, about one quarter of entrepreneurs (27.3%) believe that in 2008 the economic development will be similar to the one this year. About one in ten (10.5%) directors of small and medium-sized entities think that in 2008 the cyclical upturn will come to a halt. The 10/2007-edition of the impulse magazine containing all the findings of the study in question will be availabe from September 20th. GERMAN