Tribute to Germany´s best trainees

On Wednesday last week the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) awarded Germany´s 231 best trainees in the Berlin Palais at the foot of the broadcasting tower. All of these trainees past their exams with first-class results.

The successful trainees were among others congratulated upon by the Federal Minister for Education, Mr. Annette Schavan. Honoured were 152 young men and 79 young women. This year there was at least one top-trainee from each Federal Land. Leading in this respect was Bavaria with 58 prize winners, followed by North-Rhine Westphalia and Hesse with 44 and 27 winners respectively.

As was already the case last year, there was just one prize winner this year who obtained the maximum number of 100 points: Tobias Reil, office clerk from North-Rhine Westphalia. His company, the Wilhelm Karmann GmbH aus Osnabrück, even managed to present three top-trainees at the award ceremony. This year, in five recognised professional categories there were two winners each.

A list of all prize winners and those honoured is available online. GERMAN