GDP of EU up by 0.4% in fourth quarter 2007

According to the European Statistical Office (Eurostat), GDP increased by 0.4% in the Eurozone (EZ13) and by 0.5% in the EU27 in the fourth quarter 2007 as compared to the third quarter last year. In the third quarter last year the growth rate had been +0.8% in both the Eurozone and the EU27.

In comparison to the fourth quarter 2006 GDP had increased by 2.3% and 2.6% in the EZ13 and EU27 respectively. Over the whole of 2007 GDP rose by 2.7% in the Eurozone and by 2.9% in the EU27.

In the United States GDP grew by 0.2% in the fourth quarter 2007 as compared to the previous quarter, whereas it had increased by +1.2% in the third quarter. The respective growth figures of GDP in Japan were +0.9% and +0.3%.

In comparison with the fourth quarter of 2006 GDP grew by 2.5% in the USA and by 1.8% in Japan by the end of the fourth quarter 2007(following +2.8% and +1.9% respectively in the previous quarter). GERMAN