Reform of study courses should benefit business too

The Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) analysed the role played by universities in qualifying specialists by surveying more than 235 companies. Most important to 71% of all companies is team spirit as the most important skill which university graduates should have developed when applying for a job. Also important is working independently, having drive and being good communicators. Of crucial importance is also the capability to apply knowledge in the workplace.

The new bachelor and master study courses are assessed positively by two thirds of interviewees. Only a minority of companies has, however, already had experiences with graduates of these new courses.

Many entrepreneurs attach much importance to the co-operation with universities. More than 50% of those interviewed already co-operate with universities and many of these want to expand this co-operation. Unfortunately this is not always possible given that not all universities and universities of applied sciences do always react properly to the initiatives by companies. According to the DIHK, universities have to take action in this respect. Chambers of Commerce and Industry are ready to help in making contact between businesses and universities. GERMAN