Water technology provides opportunities of future business to SMEs

According to the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU), the German water industry increased its exports last year. Thus, the water sector once more showed its potential as a booming market with a bright future. On the occasion of the conference of the German water economy in Berlin, Mrs. Astrid Klung, permanent secretary, said that the „German Water Partnership“, which was brought into life one year ago, had been a success.

“German Water Partnership” is an initiative comprising about 200 members such as businesses, governmental and non-governmental organizations, scientific institutions and professional associations. By joining all these powers a huge international market is to be opened up.

In order to reach one of the millennium goals, according to which the number of people without access to drinkable water is to be halved by 2015, each year facilities providing drinkable water to more than 80 million people have to be built.

Experts estimate that currently global turnover generated through activities in order to supply drinkable water and treat waste water is amounting to 250 billion Euros. Over the next decade this turnover is expected to double to about 500 billion Euros. Furthermore, economy-stimulating programmes launched all over the world provide opportunities in particular to German small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) to open up new markets even in a time of crisis. Not only is financing provided by industrialized countries, but also by numerous emerging and developping countries. GERMAN