Internet of Things
Developers anticipate IoT projects in 2015

2015 could be the year in which the Internet of Things (IoT) experiences its breakthrough. At any rate, more than three quarters of IT developers can expect an order within the course of this year.

In the survey held by the market research institute Dimensional Research, 37 % of those surveyed also said that their IoT developments will already be reflected in their company’s business results this year. In 2014, this figure was still only 12 %. However, there was an indication that American software engineers are clearly in the lead: 21 % of them had already completed an IoT project, while 16 % had at least started the beta or pilot phase. In contrast, in the EMEA region, only 7 % said that they had already released a complete IoT solution; 10 % had reached the beta phase. On the other hand, in the Asia-Pacific region, the figures stand at 14 % and 12 % respectively.

In reply to the question of what type of IT system the developers were intending to connect their “thing” with, 78 % said mobile apps. This was closely followed by desktop applications (69 %), databases (61 %), cloud services (49 %), Enterprise applications (36 %) and middleware (26 %). As regards supported operating systems, Android takes the lead with 78 %, followed by Windows with 77 % and iOS with 59 %.

According to their developers, 98 % of the solutions will collect and store data. The majority, namely 71 %, stores this data not only on the respective device, but also on the server. Most of them (54 %) use an Enterprise database for this purpose, while 47 % use cloud services. (Source: Dimensional Research/rf)