IT security
the security of strong passwords is deceptive

Hackers mostly penetrate networks that are easy to infiltrate. And the easiest access is still via the password.

Even strong passwords do not provide reliable security, since long codes with lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols and numbers lull users into a false sense of security. For cybercriminals, snagging even strong passwords or cracking them is easier than you would think.

And then there is user inertia to contend with as well. Imposing overly strict guidelines on employees for how to create and when to change passwords generally results in them taking the path of least resistance: if they are asked to make their password more complex, “David” simply becomes “David!”. Hackers know that exclamation marks are among the most popular variations and adjust their attacks accordingly.

Recently hacker attacks have above all impacted SMEs. SMEs often invest too little in IT security and are increasingly the target. (Source: SMS Passcode/bs)