Mobile Payment
The Latest Payment Method Comes from India

One of the largest mobile payment services in India, My Mobile Payments Ltd., is launching the new service PayJaldi for the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The service has been developed especially for smaller companies and traders.

With the mobile payment solution developed by Y-Cash, millions of smaller and middle-sized companies should be able to both process payments and offer goods and services. Customers then pay via PayJaldi with just a few clicks on their smart phone. Shashank Joshi, CEO of My Mobile Payments, stresses:

“When it’s about speed and time, the customer must be able to carry out even complicated transactions with minimum effort. Our PayJaldi solution is helpful here as it achieves this with just a few clicks.”

With the different payment options, it is possible to carry out payments via online wallets, online banking, prepaid card, debit card, credit card and more using a mobile device. It’s not necessary to have the app: the customer can view the bill and then complete the payment via an intelligent link that is integrated into a text message. (Source: My Mobile Payments/uj)