Backing up data under deadline pressure leads to data loss

Even companies with a back-up plan that works – supposedly – suffer data loss. The most common flaws are lack of time for the selection process (50 %) and the costs of data back-ups (39 %).

According to Kroll Ontrack, which presented the figures on the occasion of World Backup Day (31 March), the majority of back-ups in 2015 will be mostly done on external hard drives (68 %) as well. Back-ups in external data centres are relatively rare (16 %); only 5 % rely on the classic tape back-up.

Data rescue companies remind us, therefore, of the most important rules of thumb for data back-ups: include all devices and media in the schedule, secure the function of the back-ups and start them at the scheduled times, check the systems regularly for errors and, finally, check that the back-ups are complete and functional. (Source: Kroll Ontrack/bs)