Cloud computing
Enterprise clouds are increasingly private clouds

Sharp increase in private clouds: 24% of ODCA members said that in 2014, they provided more than 60% of their applications via an internal cloud environment.

In 2012, this figure was still only 10%. The percentage of companies running a maximum of 20% of their applications in a private cloud, on the other hand, fell from 62 to 39%. At the same time, according to the annual survey of the Open Data Center Alliance, very few companies trust in public clouds for their data and applications. More than 80% of those surveyed told the worldwide association of companies for the promotion of enterprise cloud solutions that they have moved a maximum of 20% of their operations to a public cloud.

The biggest obstacle for the cloud – whether a public, private or community cloud – is concerns over security, followed by official regulations and fears of falling into a vendor lock-in, that is, of becoming dependent on one single provider. What has, on the other hand, seen strong growth is interest in software-defined networking, in particular a new variant that incorporates a Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) concept. Compute Infrastructure as a Service was named as the most popular model for cloud computing.

A summary of the findings of the ODCA survey can be downloaded as a free PDF. (Source: ODCA/rf)