Cloud Computing
Infrastructure as a Service is Dominating the Cloud Market

The cloud market in Europe will gain around 7% a year until 2018 and therefore achieve a total volume of EUR 30.1 billion. Growth will be particularly strong in Germany, with a rise of 12% annually to EUR 5 billion.

These prognoses come from the latest Parallels SMB Cloud Insights, which concentrate on the expected development and the trends in cloud usage by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The strongest area of growth by some way will be Business Applications (21%), according to the authors. In 2018, it is predicted that 25% of all cloud services will be made up of Business Applications, another 21% of Unified Communications, 16% of Web Presences and a hefty 38% of Infrastructure as a Service. With EUR 7.6 billion, this segment is already the strongest in an overview of cloud services and, according to the prognoses, is expected to experience yet another increase of 15% to EUR 11.6 billion. (Source: Parallels/uj)