Data security
The market for back-up appliances continues to grow

According to IDC data, the market for purpose-built backup appliances (PBBA) grew in the fourth quarter of 2014 by around 3 % compared to the previous year and reached a value of 1 billion US$ worldwide.

This means an increase of 4 % to 3.26 billion US$ for the entire year. In the same quarter, the supplied storage capacity reached a value of 924 petabytes; compared to the previous year’s quarter, this is equivalent to an increase of 40.3 %. The volume sold over the entire year increased by 42.8 % to 2.68 exabytes.

The largest manufacturer of specialised back-up appliances in the fourth quarter was EMC with a market share of 63.8 % and a revenue of 639.9 million US$, followed by Symantec with a market share of 11.5 % and 115.7 million US$, and IBM with a market share of 6.7 % and 67.2 million US$. HP and Quantum follow in fourth and fifth place respectively. (Source: IDC/rf)