Smartphone most popular device for mobile shopping

Around 34% of all online purchases are made on mobile devices, and this figure is expected to rise to 40% by the end of 2015.

Mobile purchases appear to be particularly popular in Japan and South Korea, with both countries recording a figure of over 50%. Recording just 29% in mobile transactions, the US, on the other hand, is below the average. According to Criteo’s “State of Mobile Commerce Q1 2015” survey, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and France also only record figures of between 20 and 30%. The only big EMEA country to reach the 40% mark is Great Britain.

Surprisingly, the preferred mobile device worldwide for placing orders is a smartphone, and not a tablet. Only in Germany and Great Britain do 55% and 56% of purchasers, respectively, prefer using their tablet PC. With the trend for smartphones with larger screen formats, this tendency is likely to intensify, speculate the authors, who, for their forecasts, evaluated global e-commerce transactions to the amount of over US$ 160 billion. The full findings can be downloaded as a PDF. (Source: Criteo/rf)