Hybrid clouds
Automated network setup saves 26 hours in the VM test

The biggest stumbling blocks for mixed cloud environments are found at the network level. Manual processes take quite long, keep multiple IT teams occupied and cause errors.

The automation of network services such as DNS, DHCP or IP addresses, in contrast, can reduce the installation of virtual machines by almost 62%, at least in the VMware scenario, which serves as the basis of the Tolly Group white paper commissioned by Infoblox. A test environment with 500 VMs was thus apparently catalogued, set up and deleted again within 16 hours. This is 61.9% less than the 42 hours it took the team for a manual conversion. The testers also needed just 45 seconds to research Tenant IDs, the location of the data centre or virtual clusters of 20 VMs; it took 17 minutes to do so manually.

The white paper can be found at Infoblox as a PDF download in exchange for contact data. (Source: Infoblox/bs)