Hybrid clouds
Fujitsu servers use Oracle Solaris

Fujitsu will in future be equipping its M10 series servers with Oracle Solaris 11.2. The Unix operating system is designed for business-critical tasks and brings with it complete enterprise distribution of the free cloud software OpenStack.

The combination of server and Solaris 11.2 enables companies to build an IT infrastructure in which cloud and on-premises applications can run in parallel on the same system. Users can therefore move their IT activities to a hybrid cloud, and thereby retain their local applications.

M10 servers work with SPARC64 X+/X processors and are equipped with up to 1,024 kernels and 32 TB of storage. Oracle Solaris 11.2 offers features such as virtualisation and application-oriented software-defined networking (SDN). It also offers close connection with Oracle databases, Java and other Oracle applications. (Source: Fujitsu/rf)