Internet metrics
Belgium is the global IPv6 forerunner

In the fourth quarter of 2014, the number of DDoS attacks in Europe rose by 18 % compared to the previous quarter. Once again, the retail sector and large companies reported the most attacks.

In an annual comparison of the Internet metrics analysis by Akamai, Europe was, on the whole, the region registering the greatest increase worldwide. With regard to data traffic via the Internet company’s platform, Sweden heads the European countries with an average of 14.6 MBit/s. The proportion of broadband connections with more than 4 MBit/s accounted for 59 % of all connections worldwide. Overall, the European countries take the lead in introducing IPv6. Belgium is even the worldwide leader in IPv6 conversion, as almost a third of all requests to the Akamai Intelligent Platform came from this country via IPv6. (Source: Akamai/bs)