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Intelligent Process Automation Takes over Whole Workflows

Automated analytics and learning software bring companies both financial benefits and more efficient processes. Autonomic computing is an especially promising development in the field.

Types of intelligent process automation (IPA) include, for example, artificial intelligence and learning machines that flexibly manage whole workflows. Until now, these types of “software robots” have primarily been used where established routine procedures make up a large proportion of the processes: when questioned on digital change by Cognizant, decision makers from finance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and trade in North America and Europe said that 25 to 40% of the workflow is already automated.

Those questioned see the decisive advantages as being quicker processing, 24/7 availability and the lack of human error. Over half expect digital automation to bring a significant improvement to their business processes within three to five years. Managers, however, said that until now they have only utilised the technical possibilities in small measures.

A summary of the results can be downloaded as a PDF. (Source: Cognizant/bs)