Software development
Java is the most popular server programming language

For 54.4% of programmers, JavaScript is the most popular programming language, closely followed by SQL with 48.0%. With Java, the first server-side language ranks third at 37.4%.

C#, PHP, Python, C++, C, Node.js and AngularJS are next in the rankings of the annual Stack Overflow survey. Stack Overflow is a help page for programmers on which they post questions for free and others can answer. Each year, the website’s operators conduct a survey of their users and inquire about origin, professional profile, income, systems used, etc. This year, 26,086 people in 157 countries responded to a total of 45 questions. Although the results are not representative of all programmers, several trends can nevertheless be identified.

A clear majority of developers at Stack Overflow prefer Windows for programming. 33.8% said they worked with Windows 7, with another 16.5% having already upgraded to Windows 8. XP and Vista, in contrast, are gradually disappearing from the statistics, with 1.0 and 0.2% respectively. 21.5% prefer Mac OS X and 20.5% use Linux – a relatively high figure considering their market share of just 1.5% for the open operating system. When it comes to Linux distributions, Ubuntu leads with 12.0% in front of Debian with 2.2 and Mint with 1.6%.

In addition to these technical facts, however, Stack Overflow also asked about some private details. They thus found out that Norwegian developers are the leading connoisseurs of beverages with a stimulating effect, consuming an average of 3.09 caffeine-containing drinks per day. They are closely followed by the Dutch with 3.04 and the Swedes with 2.94 drinks. (Source: Stack Overflow/rf)