Critical infrastructures
Cyber attacks pose a threat to basic services

The suspicion has been confirmed: Public services and providers are increasingly a target for Internet hackers.

Spying on authorities, digital money laundering, online attacks on providers and multi-national companies – crime is shifting more and more towards the Internet. Current data for the US was recently provided by the report “Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastructure Protection in the Americas”, conducted by Trend Micro and the Organisation of American States (OAS).

According to this report, 44% of the authorities and companies surveyed had been subject to attacks aimed at deleting or destroying data. 40% reported attempts to bring down systems. Over three quarters of those surveyed said that attacks appeared to be getting more sophisticated. Just as worrying, though, is the fact that almost a third (31%) were unable to say whether or not their IT infrastructures had been subject to an attack.

The full report can be downloaded as a PDF online. (Source: Trend Micro/bs)