Data centres
Most power outages happen in the summer

In 2014, 711 power outages totalling 61,259 minutes were recorded in the data centres of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. These figures have been compiled from intelligence agency reports, print media, and Web pages by Eaton.

Eaton, the UPS manufacturer, evaluates the global blackouts through its Blackout Tracker every year and also records the causes and the duration of the blackouts. IT managers and data centre operators may be interested to know that the average loss of power lasted for 135 minutes and occurred mainly in southern and western Germany. In Austria as well it was the west in particular that was affected. Most power outages across the Germany, Austria and Switzerland region occurred during the summer months; in most cases, the causes were material or human error.

The Eaton Blackout Tracker is available for almost every country around the world. Following registration, the respective report can be downloaded for free as a PDF download. (Source: Eaton/rf)