Digital change
Partner platform makes transformation projects manageable

Oracle and Accenture have jointly launched the Accenture Oracle Business Group, which should allow a faster implementation of integrated cloud solutions than ever before.

The solutions are being provided on the existing Accenture Foundation Platform for Oracle (AFPO) and primarily encompasses pre-integrated cloud solutions of the Enterprise class. Other business building blocks, such as for Service Oriented architecture (SOA), Business Intelligence (BI), and Identity Management (IM), are also being added. For the first time, users of Software as a Service and Platform as a Service from Oracle will be getting standard adapters and industry-specific extensions. The implementation of mission-critical, end-to-end services is to be managed therefore in a single manageable step. More precisely put, the essential architecture is already prepared on the first day; the rest are industry- and customer-specific adjustments. Accenture calculates that expenses for digital transformation projects will be up to 30% lower, and highlights that the risks of an implementation are also significantly reduced. The first target groups in the partnership are public services, financial services and health care.

In addition, 52,000 consultants with Oracle experience and 20,000 Java experts worldwide belong to the Accenture Oracle Business Group, its with sales, marketing and technical support departments. Accenture is itself a consulting firm with more than 323,000 employees in 120 countries. In 2014 the company generated a global turnover of US 30 billion. The company presents its AFPO in a 12-page (English-speaking) paper, which can be downloaded on-line as a PDF. (Source: Oracle/bs)