IT support
Service desk more effective with remote access

In some medium-sized companies, the number of support tickets is on the rise, while other companies are recording a fall in the number of faults. Service desk expertise and easy-to-use devices and applications are what make the difference here.

To help the support team act more quickly, SolarWinds and HDI in particular recommend using tools for remote access to users’ devices, with the result that support team workers no longer need to have the faulty device in front of them for troubleshooting and support teams can be set up anywhere.

Ticket management systems are also a useful aid, already in use in 84% of the IT organisations surveyed: These systems provide an accurate overview of the frequency of specific faults. Catalogues of solutions for frequently occurring faults can then be compiled on the basis of this information, facilitating quick and effective troubleshooting. (Source: HDI/bs)