Data loss
Admins are also a security risk

“The main source of errors sits in front of the computer” is the old administrator saying. However, in fact the IT professionals must often take a good look in the mirror.

Human error by the user is repeatedly cited as the main reason for data loss. However, the latest findings from Kroll Ontrack, show that the negligence of the administrators also leads to loss and failures. Among the most common IT errors, the lack of documentation of data storage and backups, such as for personnel changes ranks highest. Often the data backup does not work properly, the affected drive is not covered by the backup or the data backup is not up-to-date. In some cases, security guidelines are also not adhered to and/or the operating and security systems are out-of-date. And not least, even files that are still in use are deleted.

The recovery specialist lists regular hardware upgrades, extensive testing of the IT processes and investment in good and experienced experts as the fundamental precautionary measures against this. (Source: Kroll Ontrack/bs)