IT security
Attacks with unknown malware are increasing significantly

Over the past year, attacks with previously unknown malware programs have increased significantly in particular. On average, companies were affected by 106 attacks of this type every hour.

Many of these attacks are based on Zero Day Em5xploits, i.e. programs that target vulnerabilities for which there is still no patch, explains Check Point, a provider of VPN and firewall solutions in its 2015 Security Report.

An equally great danger is posed by botnets. According to the report, pages with viruses were encountered in 86% of companies in 2014, and users downloaded infected files from almost 63% of companies. In 52% of cases this was caused by PDFs, and 3% for Office documents. Overall, this meant that 83% of companies got infected with bot software.

The study includes data from security check-ups at more than 1,300 companies and organisations worldwide in addition to data from Check Point’s Threat Cloud. The full report is available for free by registering on the company’s website. (Source: Check Point/rf)